Som presentation av LIMAS har vi valt att dela med oss av en kärleksfull berättelse från Bärabarn-coachen Anna Sauer, den ena halvan i detta prisvinnande lilla familjeföretag från Tyskland.
Den är på engelska men vi vill inte förstöra historien genom att översätta den till svenska. ♥♥♥

The story of LIMAS began when two people met on the other side of the Earth.

When I met my husband in the cafeteria during an exchange programme in China, in 2009, my heart beat fast. It was love at first sight.
After originally planning to spend one semester in Dalian, we ended up living together in China for three years, two of which were spent in Shanghai.
In 2012, we came back to Germany and two years later, our first daughter Lili Marie Sauer was born, providing us with our company name: LI-MA-S.
Lili loved to be carried and I enjoyed having our daughter very close to me in the sling. Because of the advantages of carrying, I decided to become a babywearing consultant in order to reach out to other parents and inspire them to carry their babies.
Soon after this, I made the first LIMAS together with my mother based on our own needs and wishes, and our daughter was happy in her carrier. We then made another LIMAS for a friend who had just had her second child. This was followed by several more LIMAS carriers for other friends. One day, a midwife and a babywearing consultant asked if we could make LIMAS carriers for them and since then, our family business has grown. Our daily life with two daughters inspired us to refine the LIMAS and design the LIMAS Plus.
We have been carrying our second daughter in the LIMAS since February 2017 and she is just as happy as her sister was when it comes to discovering the world from the carrier.
We are very happy to be able to live our babywearing dream and are delighted to spend every day inspiring parents to wear their babies and making the daily life of parents and children a little bit easier.


Vackert så det förslår!
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